Warranty Center

Use this form to schedule a warranty appointment for the following major merchandise. We offer two warranty types:

a. 90 day major parts warranty
b. 30 day exchange on anything else

**Some merchandise is sold as-is.  More information below. 

Major Merchandise: 90 Day

+ Used Engine
+ Used Transmission
+ Used Transfer Case
+ Used Differential
+ Used Car (30 day warranty)

All other claims: 30 Day

Please call our storefront at 732-416-0441 during normal office hours.  All sales/claims are final.  Standard 30 day exchange only warranty on incompatible or defective parts for the same item only.  Some electrical parts are sold as is.  We are not responsible for misdiagnosis. Please call and have your vehicle VIN number ready.

ANY APPOINTMENT MUST BE AUTHORIZED BY Big Junkyard AND WILL BE HANDLED ON A CASE BY CASE BASIS. Major merchandise repairs may take up to 4-6 weeks to correct at peak times. All other claims are satisfied within 1-4 business days.

Satisfaction Warranty: Your initial deposit is covered by our Satisfaction Warranty.  You may be required to pay for an item before you see it.  In this case, we understand and guarantee your full satisfaction with the condition of the product or your money back (full refund).

File a major merchandise claim below.  3 business days advanced notice is required.

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Limited Liability
The liability of the supplier is solely and exclusively limited to repairing or replacement if available or refunding the original purchase price, at the suppliers choice. The supplier does not assume and has no liability for labor costs or replacement of oil or anti-freeze, damage to other parts or components, towing charges, telephone calls, freight, lost profits, lost time, substitute transportation or replacement vehicle or any other consequential damages. The supplier has no responsibility for any failure resulting from improper installation/usage, modification of the product, misdiagnosis, faulty or incompatible parts and accessories and/or abnormal use or operation.

Terms updated 12/1/18